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I am an Australian who has been living in Europe since 2001. I am a husband, a father, a follower of Jesus and a recent discoverer of photography. 

I got into photography a couple of years ago and until recently all my photos have been done on my trusty Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphone. I have only just entered the world of cameras and now have a Canon M50.

My approach to photography developed out my daily walk to work. On my way I began to take notice of the beauty that was all around and decided to try and capture something of that beauty. It was quite accidental but has developed into a discipline of engaging with what is around me as I go about life. 

In a world where darkness exists I believe that we need to cultivate the practice of seeing the beauty that is all around. To engage with what is around us that brings life, joy and a smile. 

I update the site with new photos regularly and I post several times a week to Instragram so you can follow me there or also check out my feed which posts to this website. 

I hope that you enjoy the site and are inspired to see some of the beauty that is all around if we take the time to look. 

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